Online Courses

Online Courses

You can access online courses through Teachable. Each course is divided into several modules.
Each module has several tutorials for students to watch. There are quizzes after each tutorial as homework for students. Every month students will do a group meeting with Rick to discuss a topic. Students can also access Rick and discuss in the group via Facebook or Messengers. The curriculum for the clinical stream is constantly updated. At the moment there are:
  • Principles of Original Points Therapy
  • Low Back Pain & Sciatica Management (1) Safety & Handling of Acute LBP
  • Low Back Pain & Sciatica Management (2) Clinical Patterns
  • Low Back Pain & Sciatica Management (3) Neurophysiology & Neurodynamics
  • Neck Pain & Headache (1) Common Neck & Shoulder Pain; Cervicogenic Headache
  • Neck Pain & Headache (2) Whiplash; Acute Wry Neck
  • Neck Pain & Headache (3) VBI & Cervical Manipulation; Cervical Radiculopathy
  • Upper Limb Management (1) Shoulder Made Easy
  • Upper Limb Management (2) Elbow; Wrist & Hands
  • Lower Limb Management (1) Hip & Knee
  • Lower Limb Management (2) Ankle & Foot
  • TMJ
  • And more…

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The curriculum for the business stream

  1. Start with WHY: Why Set Up a Health Business

Understand Business Purpose, Mission, and Values

  1. Mindset and Psychology: The Key Difference Between a Business Owner and a Practitioner

Principles and Strategies to Have a Competitive Edge over Your Competition

  1. Sales in Health Business: Is “Sales” a Dirty Word?

Treatment Plan Delivery

  1. Sales Strategies: Blue Ocean Strategy

Develop Your USP

  1. Sales Performance: Know Your Numbers

Matrix and KPIs

  1. Sales System: Client Management

Build a Community of Raving Fans

  1. Marketing Principles: Leads Generation

Fundamentals of Marketing in a Health Business

  1. Marketing Strategies: Serving the Community

Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

  1. Content Marketing: Social Media

Content Generation and Community Management

  1. Leadership: The Key to a Great Culture

Principles of Leadership

  1. Leadership: Build Your High Performing Team

The Art of Recruiting Talents and Leverage your Health Business

  1. Business Planning: 4x Your Productivity

The Planning Process

  1. Planning in Action: Master Plan Your Life and Business

Let’s Plan in Writing

  1. And more…
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