Have you ever wondered why some practitioners down the road with less clinical skill or experience have many more patients than you?

How challenging is it for you to find new patients and retain them?

How stressful is it for you to run a business when the university provided you with virtually no business training such as marketing and management?

How much do you want to run a successful health care business with endless high-quality patients who rave about your team?

If there is a training program that puts together the practical lessons based on our 15-year of running 7-figure health care businesses, how interested would you like to learn more and earn more?

WHAT (business)
In addition to excellent clinical skills from the practitioners, a successful health care business must have great business skills in order to stand out and flourish.

Original Points Institute also provides business trainings to help practitioners and owners run successful health care businesses. The training will cover the 5 pillars of business, sales, marketing, planning, psychology, and leadership.

Sales: Although excellent clinical skill is one key for great sales, sales encompass communication, understanding psychology, and ethical strategies such as patient education to transfer the practitioners’ enthusiasm and care across the patients in the form of business transaction.

Marketing: Marketing is about making more people know about Original Point Therapy, and help them experience the differences to other mainstream treatments. Our signature methods are Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop as well as Facebook content marketing. We promote OPT by serving our community and bringing extraordinary values to our clients and prospects.

Planning: Fail to plan is plan to fail. Planning channels our focus on what is important so that we don’t get distracted by unproductive things. Effective planning can increase productivity by 400%. This means a 10-year business mission can be achieved in as little as 2.5 years with effective planning.

Psychology: Business is a game of psychology. Understanding others’ psychology gives us leverage to care and influence our patients and our team members. Understanding our own psychology helps manage our stress and make better decisions. Psychology gives us an edge over our competitors.

Leadership: Leadership is the key to a great workplace culture. A great leader attracts talents and build a team of talents. Thus leadership is essential for scaling a business and makes the business a turn-key operation. If you want to have greater influence to your community, you must develop your leadership skills.

HOW (business)
We have a variety of ways to deliver the trainings

  1. Online Seminars: This is done via Teachable, an online learning platform from which you can access the recordings, notes, tutorials, and quizzes.
  2. Group Mentoring: When you subscribe online seminars, you will also be given access to group mentoring for that specific seminar(s). You can also purchase time for separate group mentoring.
  3. Individual Coaching: Tailor-made solution to your business/clinical challenges.
  4. Immersion training: Come to our clinic in Australia, Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health, and immerse in the environment for a minimum of 4 weeks.

In addition, we have a Facebook group moderated by Rick’s team. You can post questions and the community can share answers and learn together.

What If You Have Questions?

If you have any question about both the clinical stream and business stream of Original Points Therapy, you can find more details on this website. There is also a FAQ section on this website that answers the frequently asked questions. There are also FREE resources on this website for you to learn more.

You can LIKE our Facebook Page of Original Points Institute to learn about our training. You can also LIKE our Facebook Page of Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health to watch our education posts. If you still have questions then you can either Messenger us or email us admin@originalpoints.com.au

Whether you are patients or health professionals

We are happy to be at your service.