Do you have pain that makes it hard for you to walk, sit, stand, sleep, or do any simple daily activities?

Do you feel frustrated after trying many different treatments only to find none really helped?
How worried are you when your doctor says you may need an operation?
If there is a new way of treating your pain that can give you dramatic relief immediately and with long term result, how much would you like to know more?

Original Points Therapy (OPT) is a new treatment system that looks at the body holistically to identify the real cause of a patient’s condition.

From our studies over 20,000 cases across 20 years, the real causes of pain are often different from the patients’ areas of complaint pain.

Taking low back pain as an example, we found more than 80% of the time the real causes were outside the lower back and could be in the legs, shoulders, and other body parts. When the real causes are identified and treated, patients often get significant, immediate, and long-lasting results.

Unlike other mainstream treatments that often focus on chasing the pain area and generally take a long time to achieve the desired results, OPT demonstrates in real-time how pain can be dramatically improved by treating the real cause of the underlying condition.

How is OPT performed on a patient?

Step 1: We examine the body holistically from head to toes for EVERYTHING that can cause your PAIN.

Step 2: We prioritise our findings and test each possible structure until we get significant improvement. The points that give the most dramatic improvement are called the “original points” or the “root causes”. You will be surprised that the original points are often far away from where your PAIN is.

Step 3: We treat the original points. You may find that not only one area but also many other body parts improve just by treating the original points.

Step 4: We provide you a treatment plan. It will show you how to self-manage and prevent recurrence from the root level, and how long it will take to achieve your goals.

What If You Have More Questions?

There are 3 ways for our patients to ask questions or learn more about Original Points Therapy.

  1. Join our signature Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop. In the workshop you will see LIVE demonstration of how Original Points Therapy works, learn why most Mainstream treatments don’t work, and the evidence behind the Original Points Therapy. You can register the workshop by clicking https://ww.painfreephysio.com/back-pain-workshop/ .
  1. Visit our clinic Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health. Website www.painfreephysio.com, Facebook page Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health, and Youtube channel. You will find a lot of health-related information and how Original Points Therapy work. Make sure you LIKE and follow us.
  1. Visit the Original Points Institute. Website, Facebook Page or Youtube channel. You can also call us on 1800115995 if you are in Australia or Email/Messenger us (admin@originalpoints.com.au ).

We have seen thousands of people recovered from our treatment after they have tried and failed many other treatments, and were about to give up hopes. We really encourage you to give Original Points Therapy a try. In fact, if we could we want to drag around your neck to come in because your life could be completely changed if you could just give it a try. We really want to help people like you pain free and enjoy life. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Whether you are patients or health professionals

We are happy to be at your service.