Hi, I am Rick Chiang – Founder of Original Points Institute

the leading provider of western physiotherapy and business education to physiotherapy clinic owners in Asia.
I have been a physiotherapist in private practice for over 20 years. I have been a Physio clinic owner of 7 figure clinic for 17 years. I have also been an international speaker for 12 years.

After 20 years working with physio clinic owners throughout Asia and the rest of the world, I have learned that most clinic owners face 3 fundamental challenges:

  1. Most physio get inconsistent results with clients.
  2. Challenges finding new clients and retaining them.
  3. Not knowing how to run a business stresses you out.

Running a successful health care business requires the balance of two fundamental skill sets:
Clinical skills: consistently achieve the clients’ good results and make them feel satisfied.
Business skills: mastering the 5 pillars of business – sales, marketing, psychology, planning, and leadership.

Through the Original Points Institute, our strategy is based around the following blueprint:

  1. A treatment systems to give your clients immediate, significant and long-lasting results, consistently
  2. A marketing system to generate endless numbers of ideal clients and turn them into raving fans
  3. A 5-pillar business system to grow and scale your business, and increase your impact through hiring a team of talents

My Story

When I was 7 years old, my 4 year-old sister fell off stairs from 3m high and hit her head on a glass desktop, smashing the glass into pieces. She then hit the concrete floor with her head again. Since then she had always been a bit clumsy. Five years later she had a neck MRI which showed a C1 dislocation. The condition could be life threatening so very quickly my sister had 3 major operations to her neck.  After the first 2 operations she had to rely on a wheelchair for mobility. I remember when she was in ICU, she had so many drips and drains in her arm and a mechanical ventilator. Her little arm became so swollen that it looked as thick as my father’s thigh. You can imagine the stress and anxiety our family went through. While I was in the ICU, I made a promise to myself – one day I want to help people to solve pain and injuries without operation.

Years went by, I became a physiotherapist and set up Pain Free Physiotherapy & Allied Health to fulfill the promise I made to my younger self. Our business purpose is the same as my life purpose, to help people pain free.

As I evolved my method and was getting great results, I could see how many people this method could help. I wanted to have a greater impact and help more people get out of pain. So I started to teach my method to other physiotherapists and doctors.

What frustrated many physio and doctors is the traditional mainstream methods do not get consistency for result. Many physio in private practices work hard physically and mentally for long hours and get little money in turn. They sometimes struggle to fill up their appointment book. They cannot consistently help clients get significant results and therefore have low job satisfaction. Many physio drop out the profession after 3-5 years. I want to help physio overcome their frustration by teaching them how to get good results consistently and fill their appointment books.

For physio clinic owners in Asia, you may be starting to get access to some of the best education in the world. However, do the courses you have attended give you the return on investment? The Original Points Institute is a complete system for clinical optimisation, practical business, leadership training and implementation. We are the first company delivering physiotherapy education in Asia to combine physiotherapy and business skills from the western world.

If you are a clinic owner, look around our websites and follow our business on Facebook and start to educate yourself for free on some of the concepts I have discussed above that will help you in your business.

I believe physiotherapists can help patients pain free without medication, injection and surgery. I believe good physiotherapists can often help patients more than surgeons can. I believe when many physiotherapists can create great results consistently, and the general public knows what a big impact physio can make, then the public will be supportive of physiotherapists becoming first contact practitioners throughout Asia. These are the missions that I pursue faithfully.

Whether you are patients or health professionals

We are happy to be at your service.