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Our Purpose: Help People Pain Free and Fulfill Potentials
Our Missions:
1. Promote Original Points Therapy to solve the conditions that pose challenges to mainstream medicine and to reduce unnecessary medication, injection or surgery.
2. Provide clinical training to physiotherapists and allied health practitioners on Original Points Therapy.
3. Provide business training to health care professionals to reach more people in need.
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Master Rick Chiang

Founder of Original Points Institute

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, NLP Trainer, Principal Pain Free Physiotherapy And Allied Health, Clinical Educator and Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Educator, International Speaker and Author.

FREE Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Since early 2018, our workshop has helped thousands of people solve the most difficult back pain and sciatica. Many of the conditions were declared by the doctors that surgery was the only solution. Principal Rick will explain and demonstrate the treatment, as well as answering any questions. By attending the workshop, you will receive a free book by Principal Rick “The 5 Steps to Be Pain Free in 20 Minutes” and discount offer for a comprehensive initial assessment.
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