How frustrated do you feel when you have tried everything on your patients but just don’t seem to get the result you want?

How disappointed do you feel when many Cochrane reviews conclude physiotherapy is no better than placebo?

How much do you want to help people and make an impact on their lives through improving their pain and functions?

If there is a proven system that produces significant, immediate, and long-lasting result for your patients consistently, how much would you like to know about it?

Original Points Therapy (OPT) is paradigm shift from the traditional pathoanatomical model adopted by the medical doctors to a neurophysiological model that embraces latest neuroscience.

It looks at diseases and conditions from a holistic view, addressing the body from head to toes as well as ones’ psychosocial well-beings.

OPT is developed by integrating many schools of manual and exercise therapy, neurolinguistic programming, and behavioural psychology, as well as my 20-plus-year clinical and teaching experience.

OPT looks at the body holistically to identify the real cause of a patient’s condition. From our 20,000 cases over 20 years, we find the real causes of pain are often different from the patients’ areas of complaint pain.

Taking low back pain as an example, we found more than 80% of the time the real causes were outside the lower back and could be in the legs, shoulders, and other body parts. When the real causes are identified and treated, patients get significant, immediate, and long-lasting results. This can be mind-boggling for many practitioners initially but as you experience more amazing results you will want to keep doing the OPT way.

OPT will redefine the way you see musculoskeletal conditions. Many mainstream treatments only address the symptoms but fail to address the root causes of diseases and conditions, simply because they are tunnel-visioned in looking for the cause locally at the pain area. You will dramatically increase your chance for success if you look holistically.

OPT will refine your basic treatment and communication skills. For our profession it is essential to have sensitivity with our hands and manual handling. These are tactile or proprioceptive skills. However, most of our university training focuses on learning via visual and auditory means i.e. watch/read/listen to class. We want to refine your hands-on skills. We also want to enhance your communication skills because words too have significant healing power, and words we say can make or break our treatment.

OPT will revoluntionise your belief about the physiotherapy or manual therapy profession. It opens up possibilities that you would not have thought existed before. It will change the way you practice, the way of your life and your patients’ life, and if we can have enough practitioners doing OPT we will make a significant change to the life of mankind and the world.

HOW (clinical)
How is OPT performed on a patient?

Step 1: We examine the body holistically from head to toes for EVERYTHING that can cause your client’s PAIN.

Step 2: We prioritise our findings and test the possible structures or points until we get significant improvement. The points that give the most dramatic improvement are called the “original points” or the “root causes”. You will be surprised that the original points are often far away from where your client’s PAIN is.

Step 3: We treat the original points. You may find that not only one area but also many other body parts improve just by treating the original points.

Step 4: We show you how to create a treatment plan for your clients to predict how long it will take for them to achieve their goals and how to look after themselves at home, work, or sports.

How is OPT training provided?

We have a variety of ways to deliver the trainings

  1. Online Seminars: This is done via Teachable, an online learning platform from which you can access the recordings, notes, tutorials, and quizzes.
  1. Group Mentoring: When you subscribe online seminars, you will also be given access to group mentoring for that specific seminar(s). You can also purchase time for separate group mentoring.
  1. Individual Coaching: Tailor-made solution to your business/clinical challenges.
  1. Immersion training: Come to our clinic in Australia, Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health, and immerse in the environment for a minimum of 4 weeks.
  1. Onsite Workshop: Get together with Rick physically in a classroom.

In addition, we have a Facebook group moderated by Rick’s team. You can post questions and the community can share answers and learn together.

You Still Have Questions?

about both the clinical stream and business stream of Original Points Therapy, you can find more details on this website. There is also a FAQ section on this website that answers the frequently asked questions. There are also FREE resources on this website for you to learn more.

You can LIKE our Facebook Page of Original Points Institute to learn about our training. You can also LIKE our Facebook Page of Pain Free Physiotherapy and Allied Health to watch our education posts. If you still have questions then you can either Messenger us or email us admin@originalpoints.com.au

Whether you are patients or health professionals

We are happy to be at your service.